WordPress plugin: bbPress WP Tweaks

bbPress WP Tweaks replaces regular sidebar with forum specific bbpress sidebar. When forum page loaded then bbpress forum specific sidebar will be displayed. If nothing in forum sidebar then regular sidebar will be shown. If no sidebar displayed then change default template from plugin settings. You can choose which forum wrapper template to use in plugin settings page.

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Finally platform that solves all your mobile app problems – PhoneGap

I have read many success stories regarding mobile games and apps all over the internet and every time I wanted to build something I had this difficulty learning new languages.  Finally framework that uses HTML, CSS  and javascript to build application and converts to many mobile platforms like apple, android, symbian, webOS, blackberry.

This is solution I was searching for and hopefully it will solve all my mobile app building problems. and coolest part is they are adding every new platform to the system. For example if I develop for android and publish for iphone and android. Later if bada becomes popular I can publish it for bada without writing single line of code. It is awesome.

PhoneGap is the platform that enables this and their prices are affordable. They also have free version for open source apps.

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MySql Order By Own Values

While working on my game site I had to order related games by relevance where I had game ids as string in needed order. If I do regular mysql query

SELECT  * FROM games WHERE id IN(1,3,2);

I get result as 1,2,3. To get result in 1,3,2 custom order mysql query should be as following.

WHERE id IN (1,3,2)
ORDER BY FIELD(id, 1,3,2);

MIT sketching (really cool one)

Heard news that google bought youtube yesturday was searching about this news on the internet. And came across with this geniusly made sketcher. Still dont know how it is done.