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Welcome to – a website by software developer and a professional blogger. Learn how to share your knowledge on the internet, build your personal brand, increase your rich, influence your audience. Provide great value to your community and earn passive income 🏆.

Featured software projects by veppa

Here you will find downloadable free & premium software projects by me shared since 2002. Learn some ideas about business opportunities for people who is interested to start small projects. Grow your projects to sustainable business.

EKTS simulator screenshot with running motor circuit

Electrical Control Techniques Simulator (EKTS)

EKTS is a simulator for designing Electromechanical Systems. Design electromechanical systems using relays, time relays, buttons, motors, switches, basic mechanical systems, custom motor circuits using many motors.


Simple, flexible, responsive classified ads script

ClassiBase Classifieds Script

It is simple to install, manage and use classifieds script. Build community classifieds sites and earn money from advertisement or paid options like promotions, paid categories. It comes with responsive themes so that your visitor will see optimized version of your classifieds site on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.
No coding knowledge required.


Electromecanical system simulator ESS

Electromechanical Systems Simulator (ESS)

Design and test of Electromechanical Circuits theoretically. Study working principles and analyze current flow process through circuit. Ready to use motor circuits. Take print out of circuit or save as image for preparing study materials. Test circuits before applying them on the plant.


Free wallpaper script programmed with PHP

Free Wallpaper Script

Free wallpaper script allows to create wallpaper sites. One step installation makes it easy to create wallpaper site. Each wallpaper can be commented and rated by site visitors. Also each wallpaper has download counter making it easy to order and display popular wallpapers. Free wallpaper script uses tags and categories to group wallpapers and calculate related wallpapers.


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Running a successful blog that brings constant passive income is not easy. It is possible with help of powerful tools. I had a chance to test many software, themes, plugins and services since 2002.

Some of them worked well, others didn’t deliver their promise and left their throne to more successful ones.

I use tools & resources over wide range of my projects including this blog. Check them out and learn how they helped me.