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Software projects by veppa

Check software and code projects developed by me. Most of these projects are free.

If you like my work then consider contributing by:

    1. Writing or recording video tutorial / review.
    2. Sharing projects in social media.
    3. Making a small donation. (via PayPal)
    4. Purchase software and services (only when you need them) from my recommended tools page.

Free simulator software

Free simulator software for education purpose. Learn to build electric control motor circuits, run simulator and find errors, print completed working simulator. Apply results after showing designed circuit to laboratory representative or teacher.

Online software and PHP scripts

  • PHP Classifieds Script – premium software allows to build online classified ads website. Has many built in monetization features, easy item posting for users, built in website and account security, fuzzy search, duplicate detector, rate limiting for posting classified ads.
  • Free WordPress plugin: bbPress WP Tweaks – plugin to show different sidebar for forum on your WordPress blog.
  • Free Wallpaper Script – software to build a wallpaper website. Has bulk upload and rating of wallpapers.
  • Native Social Share Button – lightweight share button that uses functionality built into operating system of most mobile and desktop devices. It can be added without plugin to WordPress or any other CMS like Classifieds or eCommerce website.
  • HTTP Requests Manager plugin for WordPress – check if WP_Http requests are slowing your WordPress admin pages. Use smart block mode to prevent WordPress pages from timeout and do not start any new remote HTTP requests on slow pages.


Game website Games144

Games144 –  collection of +60K online free Flash/HTML5 (mobile friendly) games. Grouped by categories. Games144 website implements 3 recommendation algorithms.

Recommendation algorithms:

  1. Related games based on common tags. This is regular approach for showing related items based on categories, tags, custom identifiers. Games with more common tags will be shown as related games.
  2. Related games based on user behavior known as collaborative filtering. Games suggested related to plays and likes of given game.
  3. Suggested games based on users behaving similar to you. This is also using collaborative filtering. Games suggested to behavior of current user, on game website it will be you. Based on what you played, what you liked and disliked. Game suggestion will be made for games that you never played and more likely to like.

Related games (1) and (2) are mixed and shown on game page under the game.

Suggested games (3) will be shown only after you play and like/dislike some games. More you interact with games more accurate suggested games will be. Suggested games will be shown also on game page after game but before related games with section title “Recommended Games”.

Check it out! Play some games, honestly like or dislike ones that you played and see if recommendations are relevant. If you are reading this page on mobile phone then play free online mobile games, no need to download.

Looking for tools to grow your website? Check my recommended tools page.