StudioPress – how to sell WordPress Themes

This is story about journalist Brain Gardner, who made magazine like worpdress themes and sold them. StudioPress has roughly 40.000 paid customers. This is story about how he started and grew this business working on regular day job.

  • While working he was interested in building a magazine like website and installed wordpress to his own host.
  • Started to tweak wordpress design. Then he wanted to provide free theme and get his name out and see what happens. There was inspiration from other guys who were providing free themes and reaching big audiences.

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Success story: Theme business RocketTheme

Theme business for free content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento is another profitable business idea to look at. We looked at other success stories on themeforest and woothemes, this is another succeed internet business that earns more than 2 million $ per year. As in every business there are easy and hard parts to it. Easy part is you spend your energy to build a theme and then sell it several times through subscription. Every subscribed customer can use any theme that they provide and change whenever they want to new or other theme. Difficult part is to deal with client requests and address theme related problems while explaining other related issues and custom development needs.

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Web fonts to beutify your design

If you want your website to stand out from crowd then use some different fonts.  Best way to use fonts is CSS. Usually all fonts used in web page must be present locally on visitors computer. If you use font family that is not on visitor’s local computer then it will not apply to text on web page.There are some work around for using fonts that will show on every computer regardless if it is present on visitor’s computer. Web fonts is one of them and best one at this point because it is css, not image, javascript or flash.

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Making themes to sell on Envato

Really inspiring story for making themes.

Striking theme has sold $13,000 worth in 2.5 weeks, and is still going very strong! Well done kaptinlin!

That’s amazing. Stop drooling! In around a month Kaptinlin has made 476 sales of his single item which costs $35. He has also collected 67 followers and 277 comments. I haven’t read all the comments, but the ones I saw were all very positive.

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