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Success story: How to build Promotional codes business is UK centered retail affiliate website offering promotional coders to consumers. Site is built with 6 month target to become profitable to support a family. Site had profit of 145,000 pound first year, 1 million pounds second year and 2 million pounds third year. After that was sold for several millions to other company. Site has 1 million visitors each month, 90% of traffic comes from search engines.As a back story Julian Hern – site founder, was working in London and traveling 3 hours every day to work. I had same experience in London as well you either move near to your working place if you on rent or find ways to work from home.  He saved money for 6 month to start his own business.  Tested system with mobile phone promo code blogs then built promo code site using wordpress for main retailers in UK. Consulted with accountant to save money from 40% taxes to 10% by keeping money in company and selling company with money in it.

Promotional codes is beneficial for all 3 participants: business who provide codes, buyer who uses code, affiliates who promote codes. Businesses who provide codes increase sales and compete with their competitors. Buyer get discount on online purchases. Affiliate earn money from business who provides codes and delivers code to mass buyers.

Here are some key notes from interview to learn how to build promotional code business.

  • Test idea by building small websites and optimize for search engine. Get keywords from google adwords keyword tool.
  • Register with affiliates like Affiliate Window, Buy At, Trade Doubler. They provide codes and affiliate links.
  • Hide code and request click to view code and open website in new window to record that you have sent the visitor.
  • Do SEO for website. Usually buyer comes to purchase page and then searches for affiliate code. Optimize for that.
  • See what backlinks you competitor has using yahoo backlink search, strong backlinks listed ad top. Get those backlinks for your site as well. Get backlinks to specific page for each retailer. Do contests in related blogs to get quality backlinks.

This is huge success in for business as there is minimum expense and big profit. Key to success is SEO and marketing. It also can be lifetime business but depending on google for traffic is e bit risky as there are many factors that can damage your traffic like panda update or deindexing from google.

Learn more from interview on mixergy: Launching A Company With A Six-Month Ultimatum – with Julian Hearn | Business Tips.

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