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Build passive income in spare time and sell for 200.000$

This simple guide explains how a person with full time job committing one hour per day builds niche website earning 2000$ per month in passive income and sells it to advertiser for 200.000$. Patrick Meninga have done it in 4 years but could be accomplished faster if he knew what he learned during those 4 years.

He started in area that he personally had experience with and his main goal was to reach 1000$ per month and quit full time job. Patrick reached that goal in 4 years and after 3 month he reached 2000$ per month milestone. His project that sold for 200.000$ is help resources to quit alcohol and other harmful addictions. Website link to his project displayed at the bottom of this post.

Patrick followed 3 simple steps to achieve this success.

  1. Setup WordPress blog/website by buying domain and hosting.
  2. Write content every day. 90% of workload.
  3. Write guest post every month. 10% of work load.

Let’s break down steps of this business idea:

Setup WordPress site

  • Buy suitable domain name for your topic of interest.
  • Buy .com domain with no dashes in it. Prefer short domain name with 2 phrases. You can use free Google Keyword Planner Tool for finding suitable keyword with search volume of 1000-5000  per month and domaintyper to check domain name availability. Update 19.01.2020: with recent google algorithm updates exact match domains are no longer ranking factor, so search for brandable domains that makes sense with your content.
  • Your topic needs to be helpful for people that would have constant search traffic and interest.
  • Buy hosting plus free domain from Bluehost. It is affordable and starter friendly. Buy package with support for many domains because you can build other sites as well and you wouldn’t need to spend more money to host all your websites.
  • Install and setup WordPress blog.
  • Install Google Analytics to analyze traffic sources and keywords.
  • Add Google AdSense on later stage when you have at least 10 articles.  This is not important at the beginning you can add it 3-4 month later as well it is up to you.
  • Setup related articles plugin for WordPress.

Write content every day

  • Every article on website generates traffic. More articles you have more traffic you will get.
  • Write articles yourself and do not copy from somewhere else.
  • Do not outsource your writing because it will be low quality or spinned from other resources.
  • Focus on providing value to reader.
  • After having some traffic analyze your site statistics and get list of keywords send traffic to your site. Check each keyword by searching on google and if you are not on first page for that keyword then write an article using that keyword.
  • Generate your keywords ahead, for example 100 keywords to write about. Patrick generated 5000 keywords and wrote 25 articles on holiday as an experiment. Also can be done for short time.
  • Write every day so you will get more professional at writing. It will be much easier and faster as you write more content.
  • Articles should be at least 500 words. His articles were on average 1000 words.
  • After reaching 100 articles you can focus on creating a pdf book on your niche. Define at least 10 chapters in your book and publish each chapter in your site if it is not published already. Then create a book and distribute it. This can an additional income stream for your business idea:
    • For free to gain more readers and natural links suggesting your book from other websites.
    • For a subscription to your newsletter. To grow your audience and get returning visitors that will keep coming to your blog every time you post new content. You can also suggest related products that you experienced to your subscribers via email marketing.
    • For a little fee like 20$. Also you can publish it for kindle or as paper book using amazon or other publishing tools.

Write guest post every month

  • This is used for getting quality backlinks.
  • Do not automate your backlinks for quick results. Do not use any software for automatically linking, commenting, spinning and distributing content.
  • Use natural backlinks. Comment yourself on related blogs.
  • Leave meaningful and long comments, 300-500 word comments on blogs that you want to write a guest post.
  • Communicate with blog authors in those blogs by comments first. Then after 3-4 long comments and healthy conversation discuss writing guest post on their blog.
  • This will help to build relations and backlinks to your website.
  • After a year you will have approximately 10 quality links to your site and many links from blog comments.

Other important steps taken to accomplish this success

  • First 6 month or year do not expect much income from your blog
  • It takes 2-3 years to reach 1000$ goal. This may vary by niche that you selected.
  • It takes less to reach 2000$. In his experience it took 90 days after 1000$. You still need to continue writing articles and guest posts.
  • Your main metric is your income. Publishing articles helps to increase income the most.
  • Find advertisers that advertise on your site through Google AdSense and offer advertising directly on your site.
  • If your advertiser happy with results after directly advertising on your site offer to sell your website.
  • Your advertiser can be a buyer of your website that you can sell for 100 times your monthly income.
  • Price your site by the value that it provides to your buyer. If it is a company that specifies in your niche then value will be much higher as 100 times the monthly profit. This is dues the website age and constant targeted traffic that converts really well.
  • For comparison average site sells 18 times the monthly profit. For established and focused niche sites it can be as high as 100 time of monthly profit.

Patrick Meninga has his personal site where he explains in depth all steps he took and also has many free ebooks related to building profitable niche sites that generates passive income. His project that he sold is (site is offline as of 19.01.2020).

Notes on this post are taken from an interview published  on Yaro’s website, you can also download mp3 of interview.

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