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Success story: Easy Video Player

Video player story how to make useful product that sells good. Good for video marketing to sell any product.

Notes from interview:

  • Search for developer (PHP for example) in related forums, search for active users and contact them directly.
  • Video player has many features that will guide you through while you watch. useful if you search for some specific feature of product but don’t have time to watch whole video then this is handy.
  • A-B test, to see which viewers convert better, buy product
  • redirect to product page after video
  • Display buy now button or any other action button in video
  • Auto play with cookies play only once per user.
  • Use affiliates rather than PPC traffic
  • teach affiliates and guide them with initial material.
  • give some useful product, report for free and get their email to market them only related product.
  • Video can be edited by moving non interesting parts to end or removing completely.
  • Track user statistics to tweak where users leave your video.
  • Remove skip from videos so that visitor don’t miss valuable information.
  • Give new features for free so that your current users speak about it and promote it every time. Also new users will buy it even if price is a bit higher.
  • Has statistics for video. (don’t know where stats count, as service or via php script each owner on their own server.)
  • One click video upload to own server or amazon. (how it is done?)
  • Sell via clickbank, give 50% of revenue to affiliate.
  • Revenue 1-5 million $ in 6 month.

ps: their website is offline, original url of easy video player is ( )

Easy Video Player: Taking Advantage of the Low Hanging Fruit – with Josh Bartlett | Business Tips.

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