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Step by step guide to build Web Startup

Always want to build some web business but sometime don’t have good idea, idea is not generating income, project is not scalable or lost focus in the project. In my case I don’t get to the point where I can charge people for my product. In most cases it is because I never thought about it at the beginning and didn’t built projects for profit. Key to success it trying possible ideas in systematic way analyzing  each stage and outcome.

Here are basic steps by Steve Blank on how to build a web project.

  1. Set up the logistics to manage your team
  2. Craft company hypotheses
  3. Write a value proposition statement that other people understand
  4. Set up the Website Logistics
  5. Build a “low-fidelity” web site
  6. Get customers to the site
  7. Add the backend code to make the site work
  8. Test the “problem” with customer data
  9. Test the “solution” by building the “high-fidelity” website
  10. Ask for money

Sound simple isn’t it? These steps will help you to build project, evaluate it, see if it will get some revenue and learn along the way by mistakes that are done during process. At the end don’t spend too much time in project without seeing any profit. I would say 3-6 month is fair amount of time to get some sort of profit.

Main point is keep trying until you succeed. Also initially pick projects that can be built in a month and evaluated in 6 month. If that project works then continue on it and grow customers.

Here each step explained in detail – How To Build a Web Startup. Also check presentations about customer development and entrepreneurship.

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