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Tips to build profitable web business

This are notes from interview of successful web app builder Dane Maxwell on how to build a profitable application.

  • Approach new customers by emailing them how one of their competitors or colleges achieved great results by using your software. Use their opinion to show features of your software.
  • To come up with great idea ask your customer what he wants that is not in their existing solution. Try to talk them out of using your software by asking questions about their problems with existing solutions.
  • Build extra features that they request if required and tell them it will take 30 days, finish it in 3 and tell customer that it is finished and earn trust of customer.
  • After they buy/use your product ask how is going, are they happy with product? If not then try to know what they want.
  • If their requirement needs to build new product then research now many customers their who wants same solution. ask their opinion. It is usually customer know who else wants it.
  • Tips to build product fast and find right developer:
    • Create a mock up op your product. several pages with content and layout. Create exact pages so that developer will know what to build exactly.
    • find designer using 99design and contact them directly if you like their work. finish design completely
    • find developer from popular forums and contact active top 10 of them.
    • he paid 85$/hour, 1 month trial time with daily reports:
      • what you accomplished,
      • how many hour you worked,
      • what are difficulties,
      • anything you want to ask me.
    • finished product in 3 weeks.
  • displayed to customer and learn if it is what they want in bare bones. do not spend time on extra features build most important features.
  • with with customer to add other necessary features and beta test for 6 month for free.
  • Learn how this software helped your client and market software to that specific need.
  • Do webinars to get new customers.
    • Send users to webinar page. 300 applied 120 showed up, 16 bought service.
    • Take questions during seminar and answer at the end to keep users till the end of webinar. mention every question asked to keep interested other listeners.
    • Work with your customer for whom you build this service. he will convince your clients better than you.
    • convince them make yes or no decision. maybe is not good and it is better to have no.
    • To make yes decision give 5 page email and pdf with how to get more clients tips and case study. this will be as bonus if they sign up now. No other software thinks about it but it is good for conversion.

To view full interview visit mixergy website.


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