Electromechanical Systems Simulator (ESS)

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Electromechanical Systems Simulator Features

  • Design and test of Electromechanical Circuits theoretically
  • Study working principles and analyse current flow process through circuit
  • Ready to use motor circuits
  • Take print out of circuit or save as image for preparing study materials
  • Test circuits before applying them on the plant


Nowadays, the learning methods (activities) and tools show more and
more varieties with the developing of computer technology.
Simulators have become the most important tools of computer-based
education. We have a thought the technology being used in education
more effectively will help improving the quality in this area. For this
reason, a simulator (Electromechanical Systems Simulator) for the
education of electric control
techniques (sequence control) is developed for more easy learning,
spreading the studies outside the laboratory (home or school),
and increasing the ratio of active participation. By using
Electromechanical Systems Simulator ESS, the control experiments in
content of the course electric control
techniques are executed in more safely atmosphere. Therefore, students
will be able to set up different applications that they wonder
and see results easily. Moreover, student’s self confidence and their
interest to the course will increase. In particular, they will
consciously and willingly participate to the laboratory studies.

SCS was presented in 3rd International Advanced Technologies Symposium.

Gazi University, Ankara/TURKEY, 20 august 2003

Screenshot of Electromechanical Systems Simulator ESS


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