WordPress plugin: bbPress WP Tweaks

bbPress WP Tweaks replaces regular sidebar with forum specific bbpress sidebar. When forum page loaded then bbpress forum specific sidebar will be displayed. If nothing in forum sidebar then regular sidebar will be shown. If no sidebar displayed then change default template from plugin settings. You can choose which forum wrapper template to use in plugin settings page.


  • bbPress sidebar
  • default wrapper for forum pages
  • bbPress login links widget

bbPress sidebar – you can use different sidebar on bbpress forum pages. It will replace your default wordpress sidebar with bbpress specific sidebar. Supports most widgets enabled templates that use main sidebar.

default wrapper for forum pages – bbPRess uses wrapper file in your theme in this order: ‘bbpress.php’, ‘forum.php’, ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’, ‘index.php’. You can choose which template to check first. Most templates don’t have sidebar in ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’ files. ‘index.php’ always has sidebar. If you cannot see forum sidebar then change this value to index.php in plugin settings (settings -> bbPress WP Tweaks ) page.

bbPress login links widget – if you want to display login and register links instead of login form in your sidebar then use this widget. By default bbPress will not show login links to visitors if they want to post in forum. Use this widget instead of login form in your bbPress sidebar.

Back story of bbPress WP Tweaks plugin

I was using bbPress, version 1.0  and smaller versions, which was great as forum but separate from wordpress. Then they released version 2.0 of bbPress as a wordpress plugin which is great but it is missing some integration features to my wordpress theme. I redesigned my wordpress theme to match rest of my site using Teventy Eleven theme provided by worpdress. With some tweaks forum integrated correctly to it. Main disadvantage was sidebar which is shared with blog. You do not want to have exact same sidebar in forum and blog. You can if you want but in forum you need more forum centric sidebar with necessary widgets to login. I was running my forum without login not even knowing it. It was displaying ‘You must be logged in to reply to this topic.‘ message without login or register links. Which is must have links in every forum. So instead of adding them to my theme files I decided to create a plugin that will add those features in any wordpress theme.

I hope that this plugin will save lots of your time. bbPress WP Tweaks took me 3 days to understand wordpress, bbpress and plugin building process. I am open to suggestions and bug fixes. Feel free to put them in my blog or forum.

Demo of bbPress WP Tweaks plugin

Check out my forum that uses bbPress plugin.

Download plugin

bbPress WP Tweaks – latest version from wordpress.org repository.


Q: Sidebar  is not showing in forum pages, how to fix it? [via]

A: Your theme may be is not compatible with bbpress wp tweaks plugin. I suggest using “Content Aware Sidebars” http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/content-aware-sidebars/ with which you can set different sidebar for your posts, pages, archives, forum pages even different sidebar for each forum.

Q: Can I display different sidebar for each forum, topic or reply in my forums?

A: “bbPress wp Tweaks” plugin will display same sidebar for all your forum pages. If you want different sidebar to be displayed on each forum, topic or reply then you can use “http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/content-aware-sidebars/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Content Aware Sidebars” plugin.

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