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template problem

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    Hi, thanks for a great, so far script. I think this is just what I needed. However two questions for you as I am trying to put this into a template to fit my site.

    First. I have looked everywhere and changed font sizes in front_screen.css but can not change the font size on all pages such as the download page for each wallpaper, the upload page, etc.

    Second as I I said I am trying to place this into a template of my design. On the main page the width works perfectly as I found again in front_screen.css starting on line 115 the widths for c1 c2 c3. However on all other pages the widths are wider causing the page to be to wide. Can you tell me where to change the widths for all those pages.

    Also just a spelling error. On the download page you have rate this wallpeper instead of wallpaper. I did find after searching that and changed it on line 185 of thumbgrid.php in sys/ap/model. YOu may want to fix that for any future releases.

    Again thanks I look forward to getting this up and running.



    Can you share link to you website. I need to see css file in order to make suggestions. Also changing width for c1,c2,c3 you have to change width for wrap as well.

    When changing font size use firebug on firefox or inspect element on chrome to detect why some fonts remain small. for example I tried to change all font sizes then changeging for body element is not enough. you have to change for .thumb_grid, .category_menu, .trail and maybe some other classes as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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