Wallpaper script v1.2.1 released

This version of script fixes 2 bugs related to some hosting providers.

  1. Removed all short tags as it was reported some web hosts do not allow to switch it on by changing php.ini. So all php hort tags like <?= and <? replaced with <?php echo tags. This issue is pointed out thanks to Dudeist
  2. Bulk upload required ParseCsv.php helper to be loaded manually in some servers. Added loading this helper to script. Thanks to dn3 for solving this issue.

These 2 problems fixed in new version of script 1.2.1 which can be downloaded from wallpaper script page.

3 thoughts on “Wallpaper script v1.2.1 released

  1. I recently downloaded version 1.2.1.
    It seems to be missing bulkWrite.php )_)
    Could be an error on my side. Everything else seems to be working fine. Great script, btw.

    How I found out:
    I was trying to bulk upload when it kept giving me 404 when I clicked on “start bulk insert” in Bulk Insert from Admin panel. So, I checked the sys/app/views/admin directory. And what do you know, it doesn’t have admin/bulkWrite/ as requested by bulkPreview.
    I am guessing thats why I am getting the 404. Maybe the file was skipped when you guys compiled the script in the zip. It says “veppa_wallpaper-v1.2.1-2011.06.03” as the file name.

    Hope you can fix the problem soon.

  2. hello admin thanks for this wonderful script.

    I have a question: how can I put Pagination in the category page, for example 9 wallpapers displayed per page.

    thank you very much and congratulations for this wonderful script