Flash Photo Album 2 is now free with source files

Flash Photo Album 2 is new version of Flash photo album with new features.

  • It is FREE
  • Dynamic Picture loading
  • Easy to install and easy to change content
  • Show pictures automatically with slideshow
  • Integrate to any web site
  • No server side scripting or database requirement
  • Adds great look and functionality to your web site
  • Easy to read XML based image captions and configuration file
  • Ability to add custom links for each image

Free Flash Photo Album 2

Released it a while ago and had some feedback and questions about custom integration to other websites and flash files. Unfortunately I haven’t got much time to tweak and answer those needs. Instead I decided to release source files under same license “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License”. Think this will help to some of you to figure out how it works and adjust it to your needs.

Flash Photo Album 2 depends on two external classes:

  • mc_tween2.as class (need to download seperately from source) by Zeh Fernando for animations
  • XMLSA class (included in package) by Max Ziebell for converting xml to simple array.

You can download Free Flash Photo Album 2 from here

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