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    Please, tell me how to add new page with text (template style).
    Sorry for my bad english :)



    Edit /sys/app/contollers/IndexController.php add page you want as a method to class. Look at index method as example. At the end use $this->display(‘index/{your_template_file}’, $vars); place your template file name instead of {your_template_file}.

    Then in your template located at /user-content/templates/{template_name}/views/index/ create template file {your_template_file} similar to index.php for example.

    Then your page url will be /index/{youtmethod}

    Just analyze indexController for how pages work and you will understand general structure.



    Thanks, I’ll try



    Can you please explain a little bit that how to call a new page from indexcontroller.php?
    As i want to create a contact us form page and partners link page.
    I am newbie to php so need your help for doing that.

    Kindly tell please?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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