Released Flash Photo Album version 2

In past couple years there was great interest for Free Flash Photo Album, which is still great and much faster than any others flash photo album on the internet. But it is a bit difficult to setup, especially if you have a lot of photos to show and each photo has a title. That’s why I wrote new Flash photo album version 2 which uses XML for specifying images and customizing photo album itself.
free flash photo album 2
Here are some main features of flash photo album 2:

  • Dynamic Picture loading
  • Easy to install and easy to change content
  • Show pictures automatically with slideshow
  • No server side scripting or database requirement
  • Easy to read XML based image captions and configuration file
  • Ability to add custom links for each image

Visit Free Flash Photo Album 2 page for more info and download.

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  1. Hi, your Free Flash Photo Album 2 has bug in IE (v 6.0). When you pres refresh… thumbnails will be moved to different part of your site. FF and Opere looks fine.

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