Hello world!

Hello this is my first post. Which is obvious. I decided to add another section to my web site to post some business ideas for inspiration. As a software developer I always search for ways to earn passive income without working for a company and spending time for money. Instead I prefer spending time to build long lasting income at least for couple years. 

In this blog you will find how other developers and other people related to IT industry achieved that goal and earning passive income.  I have a small passive income stream which I learned reading this ideas and case studies. You can learn more about me reading about page and browse my projects.

Time to time I come across with problems related to web design in CSS or PHP. I search the internet and find cure for the problem, make some adjustments and tuning if needed. Then I came to that problem again and cannot find where I used that solution before and again start search the net. Well now I can store those solutions in my blog and eliminate time taking search. Also it can be useful for someone else having same problems.

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