Free Wallpaper Script ready for download

Free wallpaper script is a free PHP script to create wallpaper sites. I have a wallpaper site for couple years now and each year I am rewriting it in order to improve it. I am so happy with it so I decided to share script for creating wallpaper sites.
It is simple site to upload and share desktop wallpapers. Each wallpaper can be commented by site visitors. Also to promote best wallpapers there is rating system for wallpapers. Site visitors can rate up by adding one vote to it if they like that wallpaper. In same way they can vote down it to reduce rating score for it. This way site visitors can order wallpapers by rating to find best wallpapers on the site.

Wallpaper site front page. Each wallpaper can be rated up or down by site visitors.

Other functionality, system requirements, screenshots, download link and demo site can be found on Free wallpaper script page.

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  1. Hi friend!
    I must say that I spent all day today to try different scripts for wallpapers, and I liked most is yours. It’s simple, complete and enjoyable.
    But I must say I did not understand much how to insert advertising on the site (adsense). I looked at the code and I got an idea, but would not hurt to add some comments on it with options. Could you explain in detail how to do?
    The rest … great! Very good work!

    1. Arkadi, adsense code can be added to layout or seperate views. layout located in /user-content/templates/base/layouts/frontend.php and views in folder /user-content/templates/base/views/index/ folder.

      I will make a note somehow to make is easy to add adsense code in futher versions.

  2. PDO is not installed in my server…

    I tried to install manually but it failed…
    May I know what are the thing that i should change in config.php??

    here are the things that I changed ..
    please guide me if i have done wrongly..

    $connections = array(
    ‘master’ => array(‘DB_DSN’=>’mysql:dbname=mydatabasename;host=localhost’,
    // user ve blogbilgisi bu tabloda. diller tablosu blog tablosundaki dilsecenegine gore degisir.
    define(‘TABLE_PREFIX’, ‘vps_’);

    Then I changed these…

    define(‘USE_MOD_REWRITE’, 1);

    // add a suffix to pages (simluating static pages ‘.html’)
    define(‘URL_SUFFIX’, ‘.html’);

    // if your server doesn’t have PDO (with MySQL driver) set the below to false
    define(‘USE_PDO’, 0);

    but I see no connection being established to the database…
    Please help….

    1. I fixed issue for non PDO servers but you still need to have php5. If what you did not working then download version 1.2.1 or later and try to install it using automatic installation.

    1. I rewrote code from scratch and in this version there is no subcategories. site whre you saw subcategories was old version.

  3. Hello, I like your script but the zip file you have on your site is missing many files. Can you re package it and upload it. I cant get the script to work without these files.

  4. I’m using this script in my site, but I some category error and can’t find a page?how to fix it?

  5. I want to install your script on my website, but after I upload all the scripts to my hosting server and enter the name, user, pass a database on the config.php file error always happens, can you help me step by step how to install the script, thanks

  6. Thank you very much for this one, it is best open source wallpaper script, better than the 2 other alternative that I know, the rest are unfortunately charged …

  7. Hi,
    installation shows:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\veppa\sys\Framework.php on line 2089

    why ?

    1. Upload files to your host and visit url that you uploaded your files to. Automatic install script will ask for your database and other details. Create a database for wallpaper script using your hosts’ control panel or directly in Mysql. then provide that database details to install script. after completing this step wallpaper script should be installed.

  8. Hi !
    Is it possible that users can upload wallpapers without registering ??? i would really appreciate if you can help me out on this one.
    BTW Thumbs Up to your great script !

    1. Uploading wallpapers are allowed for not registered users as of version 1.1. Please download latest version of wallpaper script.

  9. I have this problem:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\wallpapers\sys\Framework.php on line 2090

    Can someone help me?

  10. So what if i wanna implement facebook like button for all the individual wallpapers, what “link” should i put in on the FB social plugin page which would enable me to get the like code

    1. You can use widget for facebook and twitter like buttons. it will automatically use page url and title that button used in. I use it on my games144 site on top.

  11. I run a movie site..can i use your script for putting links for images of pictures where actual link can be attached or anchored using this sript..this is a very good idea nad need to know how custom tags can be used for images!!

    1. Script is made mainly for wallpapers. If you want to load movies instead of downloading wallpaper you have to do some custom coding. For example there is no field to store movie file name or url in databse table. So you have to add all custom features in php and mysql. which may take 2-3 days for php coder.

  12. nifty little script, thank you very much just what i was looking for, now time to start uploading all ym wallpapers

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