Finally platform that solves all your mobile app problems – PhoneGap

I have read many success stories regarding mobile games and apps all over the internet and every time I wanted to build something I had this difficulty learning new languages.  Finally framework that uses HTML, CSS  and javascript to build application and converts to many mobile platforms like apple, android, symbian, webOS, blackberry.

This is solution I was searching for and hopefully it will solve all my mobile app building problems. and coolest part is they are adding every new platform to the system. For example if I develop for android and publish for iphone and android. Later if bada becomes popular I can publish it for bada without writing single line of code. It is awesome.

PhoneGap is the platform that enables this and their prices are affordable. They also have free version for open source apps.

Feature I like with this platform is they have PhonGap build service, which also has free account model for open source projects, that will build your app in their cloud taking care of packaging and compiliation. Which means you can develop your mobile app with html and javascript without using any eclipse, virtual machine or other platform specific software for mac or windows. I am currently trying with simple html and will share my findings.

Main drawback for me to develop mobile apps for android or iphone was their need to download development tools like eclipse or other SDK. This is problem if you have slow, unstable, limited internet connection. PhoneGap Build solves this problem with custom tools and you good to start coding with plain html, css and javascript.

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