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Reports and Tutorals

  • Inverted pendulum math model

    Inverted pendulum math model

    Evaluation of mathematical model equation for inverted pendulum system.(tr)

    Type: doc, source

    Date: 24 December 2003

  • SPSS


    Analyse of exam scores using SPSS. (tr)

    Type: doc

    Date: 19 July 2003

  • Mathematical model of systems

    Mathematical model of systems

    Evaluation of mathematical model equation for systems and comparing test results evaluated by Matlab.(tr)

    Type: doc, source

    Date: 30 March 2003

  • Simulink Extras - Transformations

    Simulink Extras - Transformations

    Explanation of usage of Simulink Extras-Transformations in Matlab

    Type: doc, source

    Date: 30 March 2003

  • Graph plotting.

    Graph plotting.

    Explanation of drawing graphics of four functions simultaneously with Matlab. (tr)

    Type: doc

    Date: 17 March 2003

  • PID tuning

    PID tuning

    PI and PID tuning in controller design.

    Type: doc

    Date: 04 February 2003

  • Calculating PID coefficients

    Calculating PID coefficients

    Calculation of PID coefficients using Ziegler-Nichols method for GUNT RT512 liquid level control system. (tr)

    Type: doc

    Date: 03 February 2003

  • Analoge Controllers

    Analoge Controllers

    Explanetion of analoge on-off, proportional, and PID controllers designed with analoge parts. Analyse of PID controllers with matlab giving examples. (tr)

    Type: doc

    Date: 01 February 2003

  • Differential equations

    Differential equations

    Solution of some differential equations including circuit solving method. Comparison with results produced with Matematika 4.0. (tr)

    Type: doc

    Date: 01 February 2003

  • Desktop Publishing

    Desktop Publishing

    3 flash examples widely explained stage by stage for new learners. (tr)

    Type: doc, source, exec

    Date: 21 May 2002


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