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  • Free Wallpaper Script

    Free Wallpaper Script

    Free wallpaper script allows to create wallpaper sites. One step installation makes it easy to create wallpaper site. Each wallpaper can be commented and rated by site visitors. Also each wallpaper has download counter making it easy to order and display popular wallpapers. Free wallpaper script uses tags and categories to group wallpapers and calculate related wallapers.

    Type: source

    Date: 01 December 2009

    Tags: wallpaper,photo,php,script,free

  • ClassiBase Classifieds Script

    ClassiBase Classifieds Script

    It is simple to install, simple to manage, simple to use classifieds script. Yet it is flexible to fit your design. You will not need any programming knowledge to use it. Classibase uses widgets to customize pages and controls content displayed on each page type. You can use it to build community classifieds site and earn money from advertisement or paid options like promotions, paid categories. Classibase themes are responsive so that your visitor will see optimized version of your classifieds site to their device be it mobile phone, tab or PC.

    Type: source

    Date: 25 January 2013

    Tags: classifieds,script,classibase

  • Future Baby Picture

    Future Baby Picture

    Website for generating baby picture using photo for mother and father. Clean design with simple user interface. Logo and template of website reflects service that they provide. If you are curios about your future babies then give it a try. Future baby picture generator is completely free service.

    Type: web

    Date: 16 May 2011

    Tags: site,website,baby,picture,photo,generator,fun

  • Yedidogan photo studio

    Yedidogan photo studio

    Professional photo studio located in Ashgabat Turkmenistan. Web site represents works and services of photo studio. Photo studio yedidogan has photo, video and internet services. With supporting 3G internet services in Turkmenistan, local businesses started to focus on internet. Yedidogan opened their web site and added internet services for their clients. Yedidogan website has news section and multilingual support with English, Russian and Turkmen languages.

    Type: web

    Date: 01 April 2010

    Tags: site,photo

  • Asiafon

    Asiafon allows to make cheap international calls. Web site allows registered users to control their account, view latest calls, check call rates, top-up their account using paypal or topup cards, create quick access numbers in addressbook, register and control their phone numbers. Asiafon allows to initiate phone to phone calls from website, via SMS or with ANI callback system. Asiafon is one of the websites built for DMGFON SYSTEMS LLC. Asiafon also has mobile website to initiate calls using GPRS directly from mobile phones. Website is minimal in size to make it load fast for devices with slow internet connection.


    Date: 01 October 2009

    Tags: website,ip phone,sip

  • Games144 free flash games

    Games144 free flash games

    Games144 is directory of free flash games. Games created by independent developers who made their games publicly available. Site categorizes games by tags and suggests related games. Games144 has more than 11000 games at the moment and updated periodicly. Website operates in english, turkish, russian, spanish languages.


    Date: 01 April 2009

    Tags: website,games,game

  • Bashkent Course

    Bashkent Course

    Course of english, turkish and computer in Turkmenabat city of Turkmenistan. Mini site containing course contents, class hours and contact information.

    Type: web

    Date: 30 May 2007

  • Detail Decoration Ltd.

    Detail Decoration Ltd.

    Interior and exterior designer company Detail Decoration Ltd. website. Displays variety of rojects containing waterfall, walling, paving, arch, bathroom, fireplace, flooring kitchen as interior or exterior designs. Simple company portfolio website with automated slideshow.

    Type: web

    Date: 29 April 2007

  • Margiana

    Margiana is a web site collecting news from several news sites and displays it categorising with specific tags. You can monitor tag related news with the timeline. this project is experimental for showing relatins in visual and useful way.

    Type: web

    Date: 24 October 2006

  • Web page of Yrd.Doc.Dr.Hasan ERDAL

    Web page of Yrd.Doc.Dr.Hasan ERDAL

    Personal web page of Yrd.Doc.Dr.Hasan ERDAL related containing useful links, worksheets, study materials, tutorials and programs relative to classes studied at Marmara University in Istanbul.

    Type: web

    Date: 27 December 2005

  • Ashgabat

    Ashgabat is a web site containing photos from and about Turkmenistan.

    Type: web

    Date: 17 December 2005

  • Global Business Club

    Global Business Club

    Global business club is the new club located in London aiming to connect people with business relations for improving their productivity and expansion. Also is a good source for new investors and entrepreneurs.

    Type: web

    Date: 30 October 2005

  • Dailydelivery


    Dailydelivery is a small company that delivers daily newspapers and magazines.

    Type: web

    Date: 12 September 2005

  • Wallpaper Download Center

    Wallpaper Download Center

    Huge collection of desktop wallpapers containing movies, cars, football clubs, world countries etc. Download for free in various resolutions.

    Type: web

    Date: 17 May 2005

  • Turkmenabat personal page

    Turkmenabat personal page

    Personal page. News,photos and links about Turkmenistan.

    Type: web

    Date: 09 May 2005

  • Cloth shop

    Cloth shop

    Fully featured online cloth shop. Redy for explatation. Featured admin, user and help interfases. Editible product and category feautures. Online payments made using paypal, accepts variety of credit and debit cards.

    Type: web

    Date: 01 May 2005

  • MajesticUK online catalogue

    MajesticUK online catalogue

    Online catalogue of jewellery displays, supplies and boxes. Search or browse catalogue and select products, send order to sales representative. Monitor most ordered and viewed products. Manage previously send orders.

    Type: web

    Date: 01 February 2005

  • Work flow control system

    Work flow control system

    Monitor and manage work flow in company. Very useful system for viewing at what stage is individual projects, what difficulties occurred during process, organise priority of decisions, monitor personal work intension and progress. Also manage financi

    Type: web

    Date: 01 May 2004

  • Genctel Telecommunication

    Genctel Telecommunication

    Telecommunication company site, describing main services and demonstrating finished projects.

    Type: web

    Date: 01 March 2004

  • Sorumatik


    Internet based distant learning system. Contains study lessons with graphical and animated explanation, produces user adaptive exams, diagnoses and monitors progress of user, contains learning based games. Also have easy lesson entering, error corre

    Type: web

    Date: 01 December 2003


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