Free Wallpaper Script 1.1 coming soon

It has been a year since first release of Free Wallpaper Script. With more than 3000 downloads we got lots of requests and how to questions during past period. Most requested features were bulk upload and localization of script. So we decided add those features in version 1.1 (no release date yet) .

This release also will fix problem that occurs on installation regarding folder permission and php version detection.

We opened a discussion forum for questions and suggestions regarding free wallpaper script. This way questions and solutions will be available to all and be more useful.

Free Wallpaper Script 1.1 coming soon
Wallpaper site front page. Each wallpaper can be rated up or down by site visitors.

Thank you for your response and suggestions that help to develop wallpaper script further.

UPDATE: New version number is 1.2 as I forgot that I was already using version number 1.1.

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2 thoughts to “Free Wallpaper Script 1.1 coming soon”

  1. Hi!

    Just found this script and it looks awesome. I’m having problems with installation as it’s throwing up an error (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\xampplite\htdocs\veppa\sys\Framework.php on line 2089). I found someone else having this issue, but no solution was given except to say try uploading it again. I’ve changed <? to <?php on line 1882 which finished the installation but the site looks weird and has some errors. Is there any way to fix this? If not, when can we expect the new version to be released so I can try it?

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