bulkWrite.php missing, called in bulkPreview.php

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Post any bugs for lates release

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    I recently downloaded version 1.2.1.
    It seems to be missing bulkWrite.php )_)

    Could be an error on my side. Everything else seems to be working fine. Great script, btw.

    How I found out:
    I was trying to bulk upload when it kept giving me 404 when I clicked on “start bulk insert” in Bulk Insert from Admin panel. So, I checked the sys/app/views/admin directory. And what do you know, it doesn’t have admin/bulkWrite/ as requested by bulkPreview.

    I am guessing thats why I am getting the 404. Maybe the file was skipped when you guys compiled the script in the zip. It says “veppa_wallpaper-v1.2.1-2011.06.03? as the file name.

    Hope you can fix the problem soon.

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