Flash navigation with sphare effect

Sphare flash navigation Recently I was looking for funky navigation to make www.margiana.com web site interesting. And found several dynamic flash tutorials and distributed source codes.

First site that I really liked is http://www.liquidjourney.com/, which has wide variety of dynamic flash content. Still wonder how they work. It is absolutely amazing how some animations have artificial intelligence, as he names them. Animations are really attractive. I decided to download and look to the source code but then it required to register for downloading. Which I didn’t register. Other amazing site for which I was looking at the first place is http://www.levitated.net/. It has really useful source codes, and doesn’t require any registration, for which I thank them :). Most of the stuff is created with recursive functions. Looking at this site I can find really interesting and inspiring flash animations.

I found what I was looking for in Spherical Magnification. Instead of + signs I can use menu words and when clicked will navigate to specified url. Source code is really simple, I would do the same probably in really complex way. I added one array of menu titles and links, one modified function onMouseDown function to follow url calculating closest menu item located to mouse pointer. here is the screen shot of my menu. you can see it in action on www.margiana.com web site, and download modified version.