Check your traffic statistics at least once a week

It is recommended to check your traffic statistics to make improvements to your web site and learing traffic flow sources. I usually check mine one a week and sometime find very strange referrals. Most of them are from products on my sebsite and some are from search engines about my website.

Checking my sats today I found copy of my website in vietnamise. It is a web hosting website They changed background color to blue. I am not apposed to it instead I am really happy. I would be more happy if they asked for permission but nobody does it especially when they taking your design. They changed most of content but the funny thing that they forgot to remove is my google search form. They canged domain name to their own but forgot to remove unique google id. and each time somebody searches on their website and clicks on ads I earn money. I really like it.

Here is the screenshot of the site.
screen of