Free Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 released

Since release of bulk upload I was getting same bug report over and over again. Finally working with forum members realized that some Linux servers were using case sensitive file names  I guess it was affecting 10%-20% of all installations. Finally it is fixed in Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 which can be downloaded from script page. Thank you all forum users for pointing this and helping to fix.

Other big bug fix is UTF-8 category names and URL. Especially for Russian characters it was generating wrong category links which were resulting as 404 pages. 

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Software developer earning 200,000$ passive income

Most software developers feel like they work day and night, they need some freedom to live their lives. I felt same when I was working as software developer. You get salary every month but you have to put same effort every month in order to get paid. And writing code is very intensive brain work, it is not like being and accountant and using your software periodically and increase your salary as company that you work for gets bigger. While you work hard on client projects some of them get very successful and make 1000 times more in terms of money while you don’t get any share of it after project is finished. So every software developer after a while start thinking to start their own software company or small business that can grow or keep earning steady income every month for future 20-30 years. Having a product and improving it is much easy than writing new product for every new client every month.

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Success story: Theme business RocketTheme

Theme business for free content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento is another profitable business idea to look at. We looked at other success stories on themeforest and woothemes, this is another succeed internet business that earns more than 2 million $ per year. As in every business there are easy and hard parts to it. Easy part is you spend your energy to build a theme and then sell it several times through subscription. Every subscribed customer can use any theme that they provide and change whenever they want to new or other theme. Difficult part is to deal with client requests and address theme related problems while explaining other related issues and custom development needs.

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Success story: How to build Promotional codes business is UK centered retail affiliate website offering promotional coders to consumers. Site is built with 6 month target to become profitable to support a family. Site had profit of 145,000 pound first year, 1 million pounds second year and 2 million pounds third year. After that was sold for several millions to other company. Site has 1 million visitors each month, 90% of traffic comes from search engines.

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Business ideas from forum activity – Sitepoint story

New business ideas can be found in forums. Forums attract certain amount of visitors who are passionate about forum topic. They ask actual questions related to their niche. You can learn a lot from forum posts and most visitors come to forums from search engine to solve their problems and learn stuff. I remember using forums to upgrade my windows 6 and android mobile phones.

Forums are hot places to learn and forum owners can learn a lot as well. Here is what sitepoint owner Matt Mickiewicz learned from his forum, from his experience and decisions we can learn as well.

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Best business model for blogs

Here is other idea of making money from blog. It is not ad driven approach as many of you may expect but product and consulting driven business model. Benefits of using this model is huge compared to ad driven revenue generation.

This are basic advantages of product and consulting driven revenue model from blogs:

  1. Traffic don’t have to be in millions page view, but rather 10,000 focused traffic is enough to make 100K+ per year. This makes approximately 1$ per unique visitor.

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Web fonts to beutify your design

If you want your website to stand out from crowd then use some different fonts.  Best way to use fonts is CSS. Usually all fonts used in web page must be present locally on visitors computer. If you use font family that is not on visitor’s local computer then it will not apply to text on web page.There are some work around for using fonts that will show on every computer regardless if it is present on visitor’s computer. Web fonts is one of them and best one at this point because it is css, not image, javascript or flash.

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Free Wallpaper Script 1.1 coming soon

It has been a year since first release of Free Wallpaper Script. With more than 3000 downloads we got lots of requests and how to questions during past period. Most requested features were bulk upload and localization of script. So we decided add those features in version 1.1 (no release date yet) .

This release also will fix problem that occurs on installation regarding folder permission and php version detection.

We opened a discussion forum for questions and suggestions regarding free wallpaper script. This way questions and solutions will be available to all and be more useful.

Thank you for your response and suggestions that help to develop wallpaper script further.

UPDATE: New version number is 1.2 as I forgot that I was already using version number 1.1.