Step by step guide to build Web Startup

Always want to build some web business but sometime don’t have good idea, idea is not generating income, project is not scalable or lost focus in the project. In my case I don’t get to the point where I can charge people for my product. In most cases it is because I never thought about it at the beginning and didn’t built projects for profit. Key to success it trying possible ideas in systematic way analyzing  each stage and outcome.

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Finally platform that solves all your mobile app problems – PhoneGap

I have read many success stories regarding mobile games and apps all over the internet and every time I wanted to build something I had this difficulty learning new languages.  Finally framework that uses HTML, CSS  and javascript to build application and converts to many mobile platforms like apple, android, symbian, webOS, blackberry.

This is solution I was searching for and hopefully it will solve all my mobile app building problems. and coolest part is they are adding every new platform to the system. For example if I develop for android and publish for iphone and android. Later if bada becomes popular I can publish it for bada without writing single line of code. It is awesome.

PhoneGap is the platform that enables this and their prices are affordable. They also have free version for open source apps.

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Tips to build profitable web business

This are notes from interview of successful web app builder Dane Maxwell on how to build a profitable application.

  • Approach new customers by emailing them how one of their competitors or colleges achieved great results by using your software. Use their opinion to show features of your software.
  • To come up with great idea ask your customer what he wants that is not in their existing solution. Try to talk them out of using your software by asking questions about their problems with existing solutions.

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Success story: Replicon – time tracking and invoicing software

Two software developers (married couple) start their own business in 1996. Now they have 20 million $ revenue in 2010. They worked at night to develop their software. From 18-03 every day after day job. Their time tracking and invoicing software as service called replicon.

Here are some notes from interview:

Success story: Easy Video Player

Video player story how to make useful product that sells good. Good for video marketing to sell any product.

Notes from interview:

  • Search for developer (PHP for example) in related forums, search for active users and contact them directly.
  • Video player has many features that will guide you through while you watch. useful if you search for some specific feature of product but don’t have time to watch whole video then this is handy.
  • A-B test, to see which viewers convert better, buy product

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Making themes to sell on Envato

Really inspiring story for making themes.

Striking theme has sold $13,000 worth in 2.5 weeks, and is still going very strong! Well done kaptinlin!

That’s amazing. Stop drooling! In around a month Kaptinlin has made 476 sales of his single item which costs $35. He has also collected 67 followers and 277 comments. I haven’t read all the comments, but the ones I saw were all very positive.

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