Free Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 released

Since release of bulk upload I was getting same bug report over and over again. Finally working with forum members realized that some Linux servers were using case sensitive file names  I guess it was affecting 10%-20% of all installations. Finally it is fixed in Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 which can be downloaded from script page. Thank you all forum users for pointing this and helping to fix.

Other big bug fix is UTF-8 category names and URL. Especially for Russian characters it was generating wrong category links which were resulting as 404 pages. 

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Wallpaper script v1.2.1 released

This version of script fixes 2 bugs related to some hosting providers.

  1. Removed all short tags as it was reported some web hosts do not allow to switch it on by changing php.ini. So all php hort tags like <?= and <? replaced with <?php echo tags. This issue is pointed out thanks to Dudeist
  2. Bulk upload required ParseCsv.php helper to be loaded manually in some servers. Added loading this helper to script. Thanks to dn3 for solving this issue.

These 2 problems fixed in new version of script 1.2.1 which can be downloaded from wallpaper script page.

Free Wallpaper Script 1.2 released – includes bulk upload

New version of Free wallpaper script ready to download. After getting useful feedback from our users we added new features, improvements and fixed some minor bugs.

Here are main changes to script:

  • Bulk upload: Now you can upload thousands wallpapers at once via ftp and insert them to your database via Admin panel in few steps.
  • Improved install script to detect server compatibleness so new users will know why their script is not installing. Even if we write system requirements some users may not know their system configuration.
  • Added localization option to translate and use script in other language. Turkish translation in included.

Free Wallpaper Script 1.1 coming soon

It has been a year since first release of Free Wallpaper Script. With more than 3000 downloads we got lots of requests and how to questions during past period. Most requested features were bulk upload and localization of script. So we decided add those features in version 1.1 (no release date yet) .

This release also will fix problem that occurs on installation regarding folder permission and php version detection.

We opened a discussion forum for questions and suggestions regarding free wallpaper script. This way questions and solutions will be available to all and be more useful.

Thank you for your response and suggestions that help to develop wallpaper script further.

UPDATE: New version number is 1.2 as I forgot that I was already using version number 1.1.