Webkul business model and success story

This is story of Webkul Software which started by selling small social plugins for joomla then progressed to providing plugins for several e-commerce platforms. Story of Vipin Sahu founder of webkul.

  • Started in 2009 by creating Facebook and Twitter plugins for joomla. Sold for 10-15$ and earned in 3 month earned 500$. Used Joomla because they had marketplace where they allow selling plugins, while wordpress marketplace allowed only free listings.
  • Created 10 plugins some of them were successful like twitter feed and facebook page feed. Other plugins were not much successful.
  • Was supporting customers who bought plugin and asked n return to review and rate them in order to gain trust and attention in marketplace.
  • Some of first plugins ware taking 5-10 hours to build. So he built it overnight.

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WPbeginner business model and growth story

This is story of how to build big community for big platforms like WordPress and earn money from ads, affiliates, services and own products. Story of Syed Balkhi.

  • Started at age 7 selling greeting cards on the street.
  • At 13 used proxies to play games in school library, was designing logo and avatars in forums.
  • Then created game site so children could play games. Needed lots of traffic to earn money from game website. Realized that he need web directories to add his website to it.
  • Started to build his own directory site and did some paid.
  • Then started creating HTML web sites for clients who knew his family in person.

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StudioPress – how to sell WordPress Themes

This is story about journalist Brain Gardner, who made magazine like worpdress themes and sold them. StudioPress has roughly 40.000 paid customers. This is story about how he started and grew this business working on regular day job.

  • While working he was interested in building a magazine like website and installed wordpress to his own host.
  • Started to tweak wordpress design. Then he wanted to provide free theme and get his name out and see what happens. There was inspiration from other guys who were providing free themes and reaching big audiences.

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Envato: success story of WordPress themes and PSD tutorials business

If you have a wordpress blog then it is more likely you heard of themeforest, marketplace for wordpress, joomla, opencart and many other CMS themes. Envato is parent company that manages 30 web properties on separate niches. This is story of how it is started and what make them successful. As success measurement we measure income that they generate. Envato don’t disclose precise numbers, all they reveal is they are more than a million on revenue per year.

Here are notes from Envato success story.

  • Marketplace business: They started as a website for selling flash compopnents called FlashDen in 2006. Then renamed website to ActiveDen due to getting warning from Adobe regarding using name Flash in domain.
    • They created mini portfolios and used their flash components, fonts, videos and then shared that portfolio to show how easily you can create such portfolio.
    • Items were selling for couple dollars, and created by others. Developer would get 25% then as sell more they will get 40% revenue share from the market. Nowadays those numbers are 50% at beginning then 70% as they sell more.

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Free Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 released

Since release of bulk upload I was getting same bug report over and over again. Finally working with forum members realized that some Linux servers were using case sensitive file names  I guess it was affecting 10%-20% of all installations. Finally it is fixed in Wallpaper Script version 1.2.3 which can be downloaded from script page. Thank you all forum users for pointing this and helping to fix.

Other big bug fix is UTF-8 category names and URL. Especially for Russian characters it was generating wrong category links which were resulting as 404 pages. 

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Build passive income in spare time and sell for 200.000$

This simple guide explains how a person with full time job committing one hour per day builds niche website earning 2000$ per month in passive income and sells it to advertiser for 200.000$. Patrick Meninga have done it in 4 years but could be accomplished faster if he knew what he learned during those 4 years. He started in area that he personally had experience with and his main goal was to reach 1000$ per month and quit full time job. Patrick reached that goal in 4 years and after 3 month he reached 2000$ per month milestone. His project that sold for 200.000$ is help resources to quit alcohol and other harmful addictions. Website link to his project displayed at the bottom of this post.

Patrick followed 3 simple steps to achieve this success.

  1. Setup wordpress site by buying domain and hosting.
  2. Write content every day. 90% of workload.
  3. Write guest post every month. 10% of work load.

Let’s break down steps of this business idea:

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Software developer earning 200,000$ passive income

Most software developers feel like they work day and night, they need some freedom to live their lives. I felt same when I was working as software developer. You get salary every month but you have to put same effort every month in order to get paid. And writing code is very intensive brain work, it is not like being and accountant and using your software periodically and increase your salary as company that you work for gets bigger. While you work hard on client projects some of them get very successful and make 1000 times more in terms of money while you don’t get any share of it after project is finished. So every software developer after a while start thinking to start their own software company or small business that can grow or keep earning steady income every month for future 20-30 years. Having a product and improving it is much easy than writing new product for every new client every month.

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Earn 1 million $ per year with email newsletter business

To earn decent amount from email newsletter you need attract interested subscribers and useful information to publish. This is success story of a newsletter service that helps reporters find right business to write about in their report. Peter Shankman founder of Help A Reporter Out – HARO explains how business works, where revenue generated, how to deliver newsletter and other interesting aspects.

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Success Story: Harry Potter fan site business

Have you ever wondered how a fan website can generate money? I thought about it and only revenue model that comes to mind was advertising. Because site visitors would be young to purchase goods and hard to target specific products I thought advertisements will have very low CPM rate and revenue. Reading this success story of Harry Potter fan site I found more useful details about fan site revenues and revenue streams. It turns out other big revenue stream is book publishing. Here are notes from story. Site owner, Emerson Spartz, also reads lots of books and interviews, takes notes to review them later and apply to his businesses.

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