How to earn more money with focused traffic

Every person who sees success  that internet entrepreneurs get want to replicate that business and success. It is great goal to achieve but there is tiny problem to rich that level of success you need to have huge traffic. Mostly service providers, big popular blogs, social networks targeted by this new prospect entrepreneurs. I felt […]

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Niche site business ideas

What is niche site? – Niche site is a site dedicated to one topic that has around 10000 search requests monthly. Domain name for website is chosen using exact keywords without hyphen. For example if you want to create a site about “Glass table designs” you would check google keyword tool for monthly search requests […]

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Best business model for blogs

Here is other idea of making money from blog. It is not ad driven approach as many of you may expect but product and consulting driven business model. Benefits of using this model is huge compared to ad driven revenue generation. This are basic advantages of product and consulting driven revenue model from blogs: Traffic […]

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